ecological change
in Canada

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Your gift is greatly appreciated. By donating to the 30 Years Later project, you are supporting an innovative trans-Canada research initiative. We couldn't do it without the generous support of people like you. Thanks!

  1. If you do not require a charitable reciept for tax purposes, simply click this "Donate" button to donate any amount directly to Fragile Inheritance. Your money will be securely deposited through PayPal to Fragile Inheritance in support of the 30 Years Later Expedition:
  2. If you require a charitable receipt, click "Donate" below to donate $20 or more to be deposed by Fragile Inheritance the Canadian Museum of Nature "30 Years Later Fund" who are issuing charitable receipts as partners in the 30 Years Later Expedition. Your money will be securely deposited through PayPal:
  3. A cheque to "Canadian Museum of Nature: 30 Years Later Fund" for a charitable receipt
    to "Fragile Inheritance" if a receipt is not required.
    Both can be mailed to:
    • Fragile Inheritance
      30 Main Street Bishops Mills
      RR #2 Oxford Station
      Ontario, Canada   K0G 1T0
What can we do to increase awareness of habitat loss, invasive species, and human impact on nature?

There is no other independent organized group in Canada which is dedicated to promoting long term monitoring. This is your chance to support the work of Fragile Inheritance.

    "The 30 Years Later Project is in our view, a fitting action to carry out in the International Year of Biodiversity to the benefit of not only Canada, but larger scientific and public communities as well... We strongly encourage partner and supporting organizations to give the project the full support that it merits."

Canadian Museum of Nature
Fragile Inheritance
30 Main Street Bishops Mills
RR #2 Oxfortd Station
Ontario, Canada   KOG 1T0
(613) 258-3107
About the book...
a painter's ecology of glaciated North America

lavishly illustrated with watercolours and
descriptive prose from sea to sea
drawing the baseline for
a legacy of beauty and
change - Aleta Karstad
and Frederick W .
Schueler's life work
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